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De Museumtram Nederlands Openlucht Museum (NOM)

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 de Museumtram Nederlands Openlucht Museum (NOM)  op de Nederlandse Museummaterieel Database
Founded in Mus.1912 , Tram 1996
Gauge     1435 mm
Track length 2.3 Km
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> Motor unit 274 1921 (HAWA) Bo
> Motor unit 520 Electric 1931 (Werkspoor Amsterdam) Bo' Bo'
> Motor unit 535 Electric 1931 (Werkspoor Amsterdam) Bo\\\'Bo\\\'
> Motor unit 536 Electric 1931 (Werkspoor Amsterdam) Bo\\\'Bo\\\'
> Motor unit 631 Electric 1969 (Werkspoor)
> Motor unit 76 Electric 1998 (Openlucht Museum Arnhem) Bo\'Bo
> Trailer 1050 1949 (Allan & Co´s...) 2\'2\'
> Maintenance equipment R3 "Railreiniger" Electric 1958 (Schörling, Hannover) B

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