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All information about the historical Dutch Railway stock

This site is created by an independent group of railway enthusiasts all sharing the same purpose, to create a database of all Dutch Railway stock present at the Dutch railway museums.

This way we can create a full comprehensive overview of all preserved railway stock in Holland. This site is strictly non-commercial and is created and maintained by several poeple.

Every maintainer is solely responsible for her/his part, and if you are interested who is maintaining what, this information is available in the menu on the left, please click on "All maintainers".

Of course we always appreciate feedback, and if you decide to email us, we will generally always answer, mostly in English.

The best of Museumspoorlijn STAR

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Steam engine TE 5933 (BMAG, 1943) is a former German steam engine class 52. This engine came after the Second World War in Russian hands, and was used on the normal gauge tracks before it got in the strategic army stock. In the nineties the engine was brought back to Germany, and eventually got in service at the EBG and WAB. In 2006, the engine was bought by Museum railway STAR, where the engine has been overhauled. Since july 2007, the engine is in working order.

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