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Locomotive 248-08 van the Miljoenenlijn - Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (ZLSM)


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TypeLocomotor DE200
Works number698
Year build1935
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?ja
Weight21 ton
Total length7,22 m
Power84 HP (61,7 kW)
Max. speed60 km/h
Traction details

Motor type: Stork Ricardo R153

Orig. ownersNederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)
Historical numbersNS 248


In the twenties of the last century Dutch Railways was looking for a locomotor for shunting at the stations. After several prototypes a series of locomotors with a petrol engine was built by Schwartzkopf (103-119) and Werkspoor (120-152). These came into service between 1930 and 1932.

After the succes of this series Dutch Railways decided to develop a heavier version with a diesel engine and electrical traction engines. A first series of 12 was ordered at Werkspoor and delivered in 1934 (201-212). Between 1935 and 1940 Werkspoor and the Central Workshop in Zwolle built some additional series. At the outbreak of WWII a total number of 121 locomotors were in service: series 201-321. After the war in 1949 NS decided to build an extra series of 48 locomotors. These were delivered between 1949 and 1951 by Werkspoor.

In 1972 one of the locomotors was experimentallyequiped woth a 1,5 ton weighing hydraulic telescopical crane of HIAB. The crane was positioned on the rearend of the locomotive, on top of the batterycasing. Therefor the batterycasing was modified and the sandboxes were moved. The crane is driven by a hydropump that is connected to the dieselengine by belts. The crane can reach over a length of 6,5 meters and can lift a weight of 1,5 tons.


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