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Carriage WR 132 van Museumspoorlijn STAR

ManufacturerDeutsche Waggon und Maschinenfabriken, Berlin
TypeWGSm 038.7
Year build1965
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee, revisie gepland
Weight43 ton
Total length26,4 m
Orig. ownersRoyal Corps of Transportation (RCT)
Historical numbersDB 910 299 Han, RCoT 51 80 09-40 002-0

This carriage was part of the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) fleet: a Staff Car for the British Military Train, “The Berliner” which ran between Berlin Charlottenburg in West Berlin and Braunschweig in the Federal Republic of Germany through the so-called German Democratic Republic.  It was in service for the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) which was present in Germany from 25 August 1945 to May 1994.  The carriage came to STAR in the summer of 1997 and a few years later was rebuilt as a restaurant car.

Mid 2002, the carriage in its cream-red livery (similar to the German Inter City livery) became ready for service.  The carriage has its own power generator and heating, and is fitted with seats from Plan – U diesel multiple units of the Netherlands Railways.  After a few modifications and improvements and maintenance of various installations during the winter of 2004/5, the carriage has again been available for operation. In 2007 the carriage went into reserve (after the arriaval of the Württemberg two-axled carriages) and at the cloas of 2008 was for the time being set aside.

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