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Locomotive E 1090 van the Miljoenenlijn - Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (ZLSM)


E 1090 in Kerkrade, 7. Mai 1995 ©Dan v. d. Poel

ManufacturerNydqvist & Holm
Typetype E
Works number966
Year build1911
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee
Weight50 ton
Total length16,65 m
Max. speed65 / 45 km/h
Traction details

Binnen liggende Cilinders en drijfwerk. Schaarbeweging volgens Walschaert

Orig. ownersStatens Järnvägar, Zweden
Historical numbersE 1090


The E-type is built for light passenger and cargotrains. Between 1908 and 1920 some 130 pieces are built.

The E-types came into service with an open drivers cabine and gas lighting. After 1927 all E-types are modified with closed cabs and for many engines the lighting is changed to an electric system.

Our E 1090 still has the original gas lighting.

Some E-types, of which our E 1090, have been equiped with new welded boilers in the 50's. The E-types have been in service at SJ until 1972, after which they were stored for strategic military reserve.

Starting 1992 this military reserve was dismantled and ZLSM was given the opportunity to buy the E 1090 in 1994

E 1090 went into service at ZLSM in 1995 and was the first steamlocomotive in service for ZLSM.

In 1999 went the engine out of service with boiler problems. During the revision was a heavy damage on the frame found. A complete revision was financial and temporal not longer an option.

An optic restauration is in planning.

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