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Locomotive 8826 van the Miljoenenlijn - Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (ZLSM)

Frame van 8826 naar de afgebroken revisie. De onderdelen zijn opslaan voor een mogelijke toekomstige revisie. ┬ęDavid Merz

TypeJ-94 / 8800
Works number3164
Year build1944
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee
Weight49 ton
Total length9,24,5 m
Max. speed50 km/h
Traction details

Binnen liggende Cilinders, stoomverdelings volgens Stephenson ( bakschuiven )

Orig. ownersWar Depatement, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Laura & Julia steenkolenmijnen, Metaalhandel van Raak
Historical numbersWD75115, NS 8826, Julia V, LV14


This engine was built in 1944 as WD 75115 by Hunslet. She was delivered to the Longmoor Military Railway and shipped from there to France for heavy shunting during the war.

After the end of the war a number of saddletank engines was taken over by the Dutch Railways and renumbered in the 8800-series. In june 1945 the WD 75115 was renumbered to NS 8826. In NS-service the engine has been stationed in Roosendaal and Rotterdam.

From 1953, when diesel traction took over shunting service, all saddletank engines were put aside. Amongst others, 8826 was sold to the coalmine 'Julia' in Eygelshoven. In november 1953 she entered service ther with the number 'Julia V'.

After the merge of the coalmines 'Julia' and 'Laura' in Eygelshoven to 'Laura & Vereeniging', from 1962 all locomotives of both mines were renumbered and the engine received the new number 'LV 14'. Here she did service until 31 december 1974. In 1975 after the closing of the mines, both 'LV 13' and 'LV 14' were used several times for clearing work.

After the closing of the mines both 'LV 14' and 'LV 15' were sold to metal trader Gebr. van Raak in Tilburg, who lent the engines to Stichting Stoomtrein Tilburg Turnhout (SSTT) which was founded in 1974. The engine was equiped with a Westinghouse-airbrake and refurbished in NS style and the original number 8826.

From 1976 until september 1981 she serviced at SSTT until its bankruptcy, after which she returned to van Raak, were she was placed at the entrance as a monument.

ZLSM was looking for a small steamshunter for short trains for a while and has always been interested in this engine.

In the beginning of 1998 a delegation of van Raak visits ZLSM and aggrees to sell the engine. On 23 october 1998 the locomotive is finaly moved from Tilburg to Simpelveld by lorry.

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