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Locomotive TE-5933 van Museumspoorlijn STAR


ManufacturerBerliner Maschinenbau-Actien-Gesellschaft BMAG vormals L. Schwarzkopff, Berlin (D)
TypeBR 52
Works number12359
Year build1943
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee, revisie gepland
Weight143 ton
Total length22,975 m
Classification1'E h2
Power1600 HP (1.176,0 kW)
Max. speed80 km/h
Orig. ownersDeutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG), Sovetskie Zheleznye (SZD), Vereinigung Historische Lokomotiven, Westfälische Almetalbahn (WAB)
Historical numbers52 5933, TE-5933, 1042.418

TE 5933 is a class 52 'Kriegslok' : a simplified version of class 50. Class 52 was developed with the intent of quickly and economically getting a large number of locomotives into service. Originally numbered 52 5933, this locomotive was delivered by BMAG (Schwarzkopff) to the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) on 27 March 1943. In the same month it arrived at its first allocation, Bw Zdolbunow (the present Zdolbuniv, Ukraine, just to the south of Rivne). Nothing more is know of its war-time useage. After the war the locomotive ended up in the Russian sphere of influence and in 1945 entered service in Russia, coming under control of the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MPS). It formally came to the state railways (SZD) in 1984 numbered 1042.418-2. from which time until the start of the 90's it was stationed at Bagrationovsk. The locomotive served especially in the strategic military reserve and was never regauged to the wider Russian gauge of 1524 mm {5’ 0”}. During the summer of 1994, it was purchased by the Swiss 'Vereinigung Historischer Lokomotive' and taken to the works at Gorlitz (Germany) for a major overhaul. Due to some turmoil, events progressed no further. It was auctioned during April 2000 in Lobau (Germany), after which it was transferred to Eisenbahnbetriebsgesellschaft Oberelbe (EBG). Later in that year was sold on to the Westfälische Almetalbahn (WAB), an undertaking under the same owner. As 52 5933, it was used there on specials until falling due for maintenance at the end of 2002. It was then withdrawn and during the summer of 2006 sold to the preserved line at Stadskanaal, Stichting Stadskanaal Rail, arriving there on 27 September and taken into overhaul.

After overhaul, on 19 May 2007 the locomotive was fired up for the first time. From July 2007, it started hauling STAR trains, in its Russian condition. For that reason, the locomotive has reverted to its former Russian number TE 5933 and a red star.

August 2009 the locomotive was set to fire, together with the STAR workshop. It took time until May 2010 to repair the engine, since then it was fully operational again until the last run on december 28th of 2014. The engine is awaiting its restauration.

(Translation by R. J. E. Bayliff: World War Two Railway Study Group)

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