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Locomotive ON-14 van Statisch materieel in Nederland


ManufacturerLa Meuse, Luik (B)
Works number3052
Year build1924
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee
Weight47,5 ton
Total length8,99 m
Power620 HP (455,7 kW)
Max. speed40 km/h
Traction details

Stoomverdeling Walschaert (Heusinger)

Orig. ownersOranje Nasau Mijnen Heerlen
Historical numbersSGB 5, ON-14


Engine ON-14 is a three-axel tender-locomotive built in 1928 by the Belgian factory Société de la Meuse in Liège. The engine then went to the Oranje Nassaumijnen (Royal Dutch mines) in Heerlen as engine 14 and continued work till 1971.

From 1972 till 2002 the engine was stationed in Leerdam as a static monument. During this period the engine was used to switch parts with SGB engine number 3, this because both engines are identical.

In 2002 the SGB once again asked its owner if they could switch a few spare parts. Instead, the owner told them he was willing to give the SGB the complete engine. Of course the SGB gladly accepted his offer. 

The engine had been restored optically for an exhibition in 2015 in Heerlen. Later, the engine has been bought by the Nederlands Mijnmuseum. The engine is secured for the future.


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