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Locomotive 2 van de Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting (GSS)

(c) Allard Rogier van Ravesteijn

ManufacturerMotorenfabrik DEUTZ AG
TypeOMD 117f (spoorijzer)
Works number25704
Year build1939
Gauge700 mm
Ready for service?ja
Weight7 ton
Power36 HP (26,5 kW)
Max. speed15.5 km/h
Orig. ownersTerwindt & Arntz Kekerdom , Gemeente Nijmegen , T&A Kekerdom, Willem Peters Nijmegen, Weijers Beuningen

This loco is the flagship of the GSS and is used on their logo. Because the decision to use this loco was taken in a short time the GSS had to repaint the enigine in 2 weeks.

Its quite harder than it looks, the paintjob exits of several groundcoatings and a few finishing coatings. Every layer has to be fully dry before the next layer is applied. This can only be done after removing the old layers of paint and removing rust.

Remarkable about this engine is the fact that only one axle is directly driven, and the other is driven by a coupling rod. For industrial narrow gauge locos a peculiar arrangement, but quite common on all older Deutz locos.

Most of the industrial narrow gauge engines are drive by chain or cardan joints.

History of the loco   
1939?    Terwindt & Arntz, Kekerdom
1975    Busser & Van Loosbroek, Nijmegen
1991    Gelderse Smalspoor-Stichting GSS, Wychen, later Erlecom
1991    Gelderse Smalspoor-Stichting GSS, Heteren

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