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Locomotive 4 van de Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting (GSS)

(c) Allard Rogier van Ravesteijn

ManufacturerRudolf Kröhnke, Maschinenfabrik KG, Buxtehude
Type10/11 PS lok (Knecht)
Works number207
Year build1952
Gauge700 mm
Ready for service?nee, in revisie
Weight2 ton
Total length2,37 m
Power11 HP (8,1 kW)
Max. speed8 km/h
Traction details

Motor: Deutz MAH 914

Orig. ownersAlbert Schock München (Steenfabriek Assenbaum Thalmässing) , Steenfabriek Dibbets Giesbeek , Steenfabriek Bingerden Erlecom

This loco is relatively rare, not a large amount have been build. The German Company Kronke mostle build small locos, actually more like a motorised truck, called 'Lorenknect'. This loco is one of the few larger 'real' locos build by Kronke.

Because the loco has not been restored in working order she is preserved in a save and dry corner of the workshop, clearly the GSS recognizes the historical value of the loco!

1952    Orenstein & Koppel, Amsterdam
1955    Brickfactory Dibbets, Giesbeek
19??    Brickfactory Bingerden, Ellecom
1991    Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting, Wychen, Erlecom, currently Heteren

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