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Multiple Unit 179-05 van the Miljoenenlijn - Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (ZLSM)


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ManufacturerAllan, Rotterdam
Year build1952
Gauge1435 mm
Ready for service?nee, revisie gepland
Weight102 ton
Total length45,4 m
Power259 HP (190,4 kW)
Max. speed105 km/h
Traction details

Diesel Electrisch

Orig. ownersNS
Historical numbersNS 179

In the years 1952 through to 1954 the firm Allan in Rotterdam built 30 motor-carriages (DE-I) and 46 two-car carriages (DE-II) for the explotation of secondary trajectories. With the arrival of the DE-II steamtraction slowly became obsolete.

In those days the DE-type was very modern, the total transmission was positioned under the floor and a new type of bogies without legs was applied.

This type of train was referred to as 'blue angel' because of its colors being blue, white top and red band along the carriage.

As of 1953 Blue Angels are also found in Limburg on our present track being the former 'Miljoenenlijn' and the trajectories Maastricht-Aken and Maastricht-Luik. In the sixties the Blue angels were repainted into red by the Duch Railroad company.

In 1985 all 'DE-1' type as well as 22 non converted carriages were put to rest. The motorcarriage DE-I 41 has been saved from demolition by the 'Stiband foundation' and is momentarily in good driving condition. This carriage is momentarily stationed at the National railroad museum in Utrecht.

DE-II 72/179:

This carriage entered service with the NS on december 12th 1953 with registration number DE-II 72. After it's modifcation in september 1979 the registration number was changed into 179.

It the starting years the 72 had few technical troubles, but in april 1975 the carriage was out of service for more than 2 1/2 month after a serious collision with a truck near Raalte. In february 1963 the carriage was once more involved in a collision between Zwolle and Kampen. Repairs took 1 1/2 month. In february 1964 the carriage was overhauled in a NS workshop because of a rotting floor. During this overhaul the carriage is dismateled almost completely and the diesel engines were replaced by a newer type. In the passengers compartment a new type of seats wa installed. Also she was repainted into wine-red, the standard color for diesel driven carriages.

Following a serious train accident near Harmelen in 1962 all the rolling stock of the NS was prepared for the use of ATB (Automatische Trein Beinvloeding=Automatic Train Influencing). In 1968 the 72 was prepared for ATB, but ATB was never put to use in dieseldriven trains. In december 1968 the 72 was equipped with the homestyle white NS emblems.

In may 1972 the 72 was once more involved in an accident, this time near Leeuwarden colliding with a single locomotive.

On september 17th 1979 the 72 was thorougly rebuild in a program to modernise 26 DE-II carriages. A pa-system was installed and the doors got a central locking system. It was repainted in yellow, at the time the standard NS color. Further modifications were done to the engineers cabin. Technically she was upgraded as well. New diesel engines, compressors and generators were installed. The cooling system was improved together with the electric and heating system.

As of that moment the carriage is no more origional, the 'ABk'-carriage was rebuild to second class and the carriage with the luggage compartment ('BDk') is changed into 'ABk'. The composition of the carriage was changed. As a result of a serious collision one carriage of a DE-II was seriously damaged, resulting in just one carriage. This carriage was used in a system where carriages were interchanged to speed up the modernisation program. As a result our 72 (under the new registration number 179) was combined with a 'ABk'-carriage of the 73.

In may 1982 the 179 was transferred from Zwolle to Maastricht as a replacement of the DE-I type. Starting in the summer service of 1982 the converted DE-II's start on the trajectories Maastricht-Luik and Heerlen-Kerkrade-Valkenburg. On may 22nd 1982 the last DE-I runs the 'Miljoenenlijntje', after which it is replaced by a DE-II type carriage. As of juni 1982 the DE-II's numbers 178 t/m 186 are stationed at Maastricht.

As a result of electrification of the trajectory Maastricht-Luik a number of DE-II's became obsolete, and in september 1985 the 178 and 179 return to Zwolle again. Upon electrification of the trajectory Heerlen-Kerkrade Cental another 2 disappear. Finally only the trajectory Valkenburg-Kerkrade remains, currently run bij the ZLSM.

In august 1987 the last carriages are replaced by four good looking, overhauled carriages from Zwolle, amongst which the 179. The remaining DII's remain until the summer service in 1988. On may 28th 1988 the last trip was done by a DE-II on the trajectory Valkenburg-Kerkrade. In the meantime the Deutsche Bundesbahn wanted to stop the operation of the old 'Accutriebwagens (ETA)' on the trajectory Maastricht-Aken and theservice could be taken over by the DE-II. Due to discussions about the nescessety of the Germand 'Indusi'-system the 'Accutriebwagens' stay in service a little longer. In fall 1988 the 179 together with the 178 were equipped with Indusi for the trajectories to Germany and in december 1988 the 179 was once again stationed at Maastricht, taking over the service from the ETA-carriages on the trajectory Maastricht-Aken on december 16th.

On may 30th 1992 the 179 together with the 177 officially end the service on the Maastricht-Aken trajectory. As of this day the trajectory is canged to Heerlen-Aken.

The arrival of new diesel driven rolling stock DM'90 means the end of the DE-II's in Limburg, much later than expected. It would have ended in june 1997, but due to initial problems with the new rolling stock the D-II's 178 and 179 serviced the trajectory Heerlen-Aken until augustus 14th 1998. On this day the official German permit (DB) arrives for the new DM-90's. As a kind of last goodbye a party is organised in Heerlen on december 19th 1998 following the decommissioning of the 171, 178 and 179 one day earlier. By then the 171 was demolished.

On friday june 25th 1999 the 179 was handed over to the ZLSM. The 178 served as a 'spare parts supplier'

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